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Addiction Recovery

Trying to help someone close to you who struggles with an addiction is not easy. It may feel like you’re in it all by yourself with no real solution in sight. Well, we understand what you’re going through and experiencing. It makes all of the difference when you have experienced, caring and supportive leaders on your side, helping you every step of the way.

Here’s how we help you:

For Families:

  • Precisely identify the addiction recovery needs UNIQUE to YOUR CHILD (ages 12-25) & loved ones age 26 and over
  • Evaluate & Select America’s BEST therapeutic rehabilitation centers and boarding schools for your child
  • Matching your child to the BEST private drug/alcohol addiction rehab center &/or therapeutic placement center that uses the EXACT methodologies ideal for your child to guide your loved one along the path of sobriety and wellness.
  • Support counseling
  • Decision making advice
  • Short & long-term support
  • Interventions on the Addict
  • Guided transport to placement in treatment
  • Understanding of the addiction and behavioral health issue
  • Support for the family and the addict
  • Identification of the addiction and behavioral health issue
  • Psychological evaluation and testing
  • Consultations with family doctors and counselors
  • Consultations with child’s school or university counseling staff
  • Identification of therapeutic placement
  • Family counseling while loved one is in placement
  • Coordination and consultations with placement
  • Relaying updates and information to the family from child’s rehabilitation placement
  • Generating your ‘Turning Point Aftercare Plan’
  • Securing aftercare placement in sober living, wilderness programs or boarding school
  • Generating your ‘Turning Point Relapse Prevention Plan’


For Employers & Business Professionals:

  • Assessing how much substance abuse, sickness, illness, depression and/or addicted employees are actually costing your company
  • Determine the potential liability your firm incurs from having addicted employees on staff
    Precisely identifying the addiction recovery needs UNIQUE to YOU or YOUR EMPLOYEES
  • Evaluate & Select the nation’s BEST therapeutic rehabilitation centers for you or your employees
  • Matching you or your employees to the BEST drug/alcohol addiction rehab center &/or therapeutic placement center that uses the EXACT methodologies ideal for you or your employees, to guide you or your employees along the path of sobriety.
  • Coaching of your Human Resources Director and team on wellness options and addiction prevention protocols in order to reduce your insurance premiums.
  • ‘Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Prevention & Wellness Seminars’
  • Leadership Training for your HR department
  • Employee interventions
  • Employee therapeutic placement
  • Employee aftercare placement
  • Employee family and children benefits: Therapeutic placement and recovery

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