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What’s The Most ‘Sure Fire’ Way To Help Someone Suffering From Addiction?

Get them expert help! Many families and employers, don’t realize that it usually takes a team of experienced professionals to help someone along the path of addiction recovery. This team is there to provide counseling, support and even aftercare placement and support to ensure that your loved one or employee ultimately enjoys a life of sobriety.

Turning Point Addiction Recovery Services is here to help you and provide the expertise and support you and your loved one need during this time of crisis. Our staff is comprised of the nation’s best, most caring educators and mental health professionals that specialize in helping your loved one or employee along the path to sobriety. From evaluating your loved one or employee; and selecting the perfect therapeutic treatment center to optimize their successful, lasting positive outcome; to even selecting the optimal aftercare program to ensure lasting results; the Turning Point team is expert at helping you get the positive outcomes that you want.

We accomplish this by identifying exactly what recovery needs each client requires and matching the person in addiction to the most première rehabilitation, drug/addiction rehab and/or therapeutic placement possible. Our team of caring experts understands well the challenges and trauma caused by your child’s or employee’s addiction and behavioral health issues. Unlike other addiction recovery firms, we serve both national and international clients.

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Stories of Success

Is Your Teenager Already Smoking Marijuana?

We Protect You From These Pitfalls:


  • Choosing a facility simply because it’s local (close to home)
  • Not understanding your full range of options
  • Not choosing the appropriate level of care or length of care.
  • Choosing to not place your loved one or employee in treatment at all
  • Only going with a facility that your insurance pays for that may not be the best choice.
  • Spending too much.
  • Spending too little.
  • Not working on the family relations (therapy for the family) which is needed when a child, or loved one, is in treatment’


Additional Advantages For You:


  • Our CEO is a retired High School principal, a former High School lacrosse coach, a certified CA Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and a proud parent of both a son and a daughter.
  • An experienced team hand picked, hailing from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to ensure you get the positive outcomes for your loved one or employee.
  • An organization that is experienced serving both national and international clients with a complete range of therapeutic options. This greater range of options means that you greatly increase your chances of the perfect fit for your loved one or employee.
  • Private consultation. Complete discretion and personalized support.
  • Same day callbacks. You are always our top priority.
  • You get access to our ‘insiders’ knowledge and understanding of the entire addiction recovery process and treatment. Our clients tell us that this ‘insiders advantage’ has proven to be invaluable to them.
  • FREE Webinars and TeleSeminars. You can learn more about the entire process, industry developments, the entire addiction recovery process and more by simply attending our highly informative and educational events.

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